March 25th, 2012

I’m a black male and all that I know is that George has never given me any reason whatsoever to believe he has anything against people of color.

Former Orlando television reporter and anchor Joe Oliver, defending his friend George Zimmerman who is accused of fatally shooting Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in late February.

Oliver went on to say Zimmerman is distraught over the teen’s killing. “I mean, he took a man’s life and he has no idea what to do about it. He’s extremely remorseful about it,” Oliver told Reuters by telephone. [Read more]

(via reuters)

The fact that he allegedly used the term “fucking c__ns” while following and minutes before he shot an unarmed black man, that he had declared suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie, even on a rainy night, hasn’t made you possibly revisit your opinion?  

Maybe we should question your belief structure? 

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