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January 7th, 2014

I hope our politicians are made aware of how many girls are self-aborting in the Rio Grande Valley. This law is backfiring.

Lester Minto - Reproductive Services of Harlingen. 

This article on Al Jazeera America highlights well the problems with restricting women to adequate abortion privileges. Though politicians claim that it is making things “safer” for women, it actually hurts them. 

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I thought we’d already established the fact that they don’t care for “life” once it’s outside the womb - unless it’s male and white.  Maybe sometimes just male and maybe sometimes white females, but other than that?  Our politicians have shown that they don’t care about health care or public education… Let alone “life” or making things “safer” for those of us that become essentially, incubators.  

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December 30th, 2013


*mouth opens*….  *mouth closes* …. 

*mouth opens*…. *mouth closes*….

I… uhm…. I can’t.  I can’t.  

Please continue to say you’re not a feminist, because you’re not.  And you don’t truly believe in the economic freedom of women, which is DIRECTLY tied to a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body.  

*mouth opens*…. *mouth closes*… 

As a woman who was the victim of a rapist, I personally knew, i can’t even… especially knowing that in some states, rapists can and do get parental rights.  When you consider that most sexual predators know their victims, it’s another way women can be controlled… 

I just… I can’t.  

Conception does not equal life.  If you personally believe that it does, great.  Don’t make that impossible decision for other people.  

From what I can find, the original video is here:

I’ve asked the original poster of this photoset to share her original video, from where she (he?) would have made the gifs, and see if it’s a different one then the one I managed to find.  

If it’s not a part of the original interview (because sometimes it does happen that an interviewee is asked a question that is later cut and some fans are remarkably scary adept at finding them), it’s in poor taste to do this to any celebrity.  

Your views are yours.  If you can’t support them on your own, don’t use the weight of any celebrity to do so.    

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