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April 24th, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Too Many People Come To My Site After Searching: “Is ‘X’ Liberal”?

Which makes me wonder every so often, if there is a counter conservative site called “smart, sassy, and conservative”, where the same thing happens to that blogger but with the question being: “is ‘x’ conservative”… 

Then, I wake up and realize liberals don’t seek to tarnish people by labeling them as “conservative”.  That there is no liberal bias towards conservatives or if one exists it is not as devastating or widespread as the counter conservative bias towards liberals.  However, in all seriousness, within the last month alone, people have come to this site, wondering: 

Is “J.K. Rowling” liberal?  (because how horrible would it be if Harry Potter was written by a “liberal” writer…) 

Does the “Hunger Games” have a liberal bias?

Is “Ryan Gosling” liberal? 

Is “Jennifer Lawrence” liberal? 

Is “Josh Hutcherson” liberal?  

What do liberals say about the “Hunger Games”? (I’m guessing you can’t like the Hunger Games book or the movie if the book is based on a liberal schema or if the actors themselves are liberal, because how actors behave or what they believe in their personal life is central to any plot device, no matter who wrote it.)

"Liberals Zimmerman video" (one of my favourites, because I’m guessing only liberals are or should be taking offense of George Zimmerman’s actions)

"My son is a liberal" (because what truly horrifying way to tell your parents they failed, and I guess, if you’re a conservative that might be terrifying… Are there conservative, evangelical based support groups for that?  I would imagine so.)

All of these searches took place in the span of one month.  If I go back further, it gets even more frightening.  

I guess maybe I do understand it, but in truth?  I wish no one had ever told me Tom Selleck was a conservative, because now, I have a difficult time watching Magnum P.I. while knowing that fact.  I guess what I’m really wondering is: who the hell searches for these terms and what do they base it on?  I know there’s a right wing agenda to paint liberals as radical infiltratists who want everyone to smoke pot and become atheists, but the wonderful thing about being liberal is, excepting for the extremes, we’re pretty much tolerant of who you are and what you do, as long as you don’t tell us that we have to do it or believe in it as a way of life or prevent us from living a life as a consenting adult with other consenting adults.   As long as you’re respecting of other people and their rights, and not committing a crime against persons of any age or property, we’re pretty much okay with leaving you alone to believe and live how you want.   Or, otherwise known as, treating you like a consenting adult in your own home. (Novel concept, right?)

But, the very act of actively searching out whether or not others are liberal, is actually very telling.  It’s essentially saying that you aren’t tolerant of other people, just because they have a different view point.  When that happens, no matter what you happen to believe or how “American” you think you are, you have strayed from the very freedoms this country was founded upon and from the very ideals that the founding fathers you so ardently trumpet believed in.   Intolerance does not equal patriotism, or at least it should not, and when you wrap it in the flag, declare that it’s the “right” way to live, you bring this country down, like an albatross.  

In short: liberal is not a bad word and anyone that just might, possibly, actually be liberal?  Isn’t all that bad, either.