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August 31st, 2013


"I’ve written a song for my wife."

Fred was married 72 years to his wife. He wrote a song for her when he saw a songwriting contest advertised in the paper, and he couldn’t resist writing one for her. She had just passed a month earlier.
They had been together since the 30′s.
96 years old, Fred couldn’t play an instrument or sing, so he simply mailed in his lyrics, attaching his story in the letter. When the studio holding the contest saw his song and read his letter, they decided to record it for him and play the song for him to hear.

Grab some tissues before you watch this.

A minute and a half in, and I’m already reaching for my handkerchief… Had heard about this, but not the full story.  

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August 26th, 2013

24 August 1975

I miss the way you wanted to remove the corners from the world…
You found me there, in a nook you were trying to flush out..
I was as sharp as those bevels,
You, a complete contrast.
I cemented myself in that space,
So you could not polish out the edges.
The dark cold was a comfort
Where I could disappear,
Maybe just to make those angles extra jagged and brutal,
Though whether I was sharpening them for you or myself,
I’ll never be sure.
When you gave up,
When I gave up,
I shattered the blue corners all around,
But they haunt my dark cluttered spaces,
Inflaming briefly the curve I finally found,
When I was brave enough to walk alone
And drench myself in middle sun.

I miss the way you wanted to remove the corners from the world,
How your smoothness became jagged,
And brutal…
Now, I simply fear I turned you into one.



26 August 2013

June 21st, 2013



I feel so much like her. 

This has to be one of the most loving gestures someone can do for you. It was done for me once after a surgery I had. I will never forget that emotion

I was in a very serious car accident about a year after I got married… (My fault, so that was salt in the wound…)  The accident banged my knee up and about a year and a half later, I had knee surgery (lateral release), because when in pain in this family, it will always be better tomorrow.  (High threshold of pain.) 

I felt gross after surgery, as you do, and didn’t get this kind of loving gesture from my then husband.  (It was one of the more major signs that possibly I needed to look elsewhere… Though, I admit to being extremely high maintenance at the time, even if I have grown and changed tremendously since then.)  Anyhow, one of my newer rules was: wanting / needing this kind of tenderness.    

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May 12th, 2013

Mother’s Day

I love my Mom, but we are of two very different worlds and mindsets.  Sometimes, I wonder how that’s possible, that I could be so different from a woman whose body I grew in and came out of.  

Still, she has this amazing spirit and that is, she is absolutely confounded by me, but she tries, sometimes too hard to please me, to understand me.  She tries too hard that she ends up making the simple difficult, but she tries, and no matter what, she does only want the best for me, she just thinks that her vision in her mind IS the best for me.  

She has many of her own issues, but she has lived an amazing life.  Sometimes, I wish she could see what she has, that it’s enough.  I wish she would understand that counseling would enrich her life, not confirm that she’s crazy.  I wish she could see the amazing love my Dad has for her and be willing to go to counseling with him, if for not other reason, just to please him, just to do something for him.  

For those of you that may be wondering, she is still healing, but I know that this is the beginning of the end.  I know that she doesn’t take care of herself, that she retreats into pill-fueled sleep when my Dad and her are arguing.  I know the signs of Alzheimer’s / Dementia and I know that  she is in decline.  I know she has her quirks, but, I also know that she tries.  

She just tries.  She makes the attempt with me, more often than not, and I know there have been many, many times in which I have hurt her and broken her heart.  

So, when you see me complaining about her, about how difficult things are, know that our relationship is a complicated one.  I wish I had the kind of mother that baked the cookies and took care of me when I was home sick with asthma related issues, but I don’t.  I have a mother who bucked stereotypes and took on a job that ” was a man’s”.  She was brave and dedicated and hard working, even if she wasn’t maternal.   She had strength and courage and no one ever told her she couldn’t because she was a woman.  She proved them wrong when they did.  She didn’t want to have to rely on a man to take care of her, because her first husband beat the living hell out of her routinely.  

I am honoured that she passed that strength down to me.  

She’s a good woman, and as my Dad says, “when she wants to be, she’s the kindest, most loving person in the world.” 

…but we have our moments… 

And next Saturday, Lexi and I will be driving up to see her in her “new” (full-time) home and taking care of whatever she needs.  Her birthday is on Friday, but I cannot spend the night at my parent’s country home.  I can’t breathe in it, which is compounded by her smoking.  And though it is not my favourite place in the world, I am looking forward to spending the day with her… (and paying my respects to our familial pet cemetery .. something I’ve never seen.)   And my mom is looking forward to spending time with her Granddogter.   (She absolutely refuses to call Lexi a dog and tries always to call her, her Granddaughter.  This is our compromise, so that Lexi can be her favourite Granddogter and my niece can be her favourite Granddaughter.)  

April 11th, 2013




From the YouTube description:

To prove that shelter pets are neither scary nor unpredictable, NHL superstars David Backes and Barret Jackman kissed every single adoptable pet in two animal shelters.

Check out to adopt a shelter animal in your area.

If this doesn’t make you smile, you have no soul.


The problem is, I would go to a shelter and want to adopt all the puppies… this honestly made me cry because, animals in shelters make me sad.  Lexi was a shelter baby - given up by a family that abused her severely and she is the light of my life and so many people love her.  

I think I found the charity that Lexi and I will highlight next March during her birthday / our adopt-a-versary week.  

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