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June 27th, 2013

Really disappointed in OFA, and Battleground Texas, to be quite honest

I am going to absolutely need to write everything out - probably tomorrow, but on the short side of this is, I’m incredibly disappointed in OFA and Battleground Texas.  

Battleground Texas leapfrogged onto Tuesday’s activities - walked in like they owned the place and had a hand in organizing everything.  

And, OFA sent out an email today that their state coordinator, Lauren Coffee (I know that’s got to be a real name, but it doesn’t sound like one) has been involved in the planning of everything going on. 

The only trouble is, of all the names I’ve come across of the people I’ve met and seen at these events, and of all the organizations that have been instrumental to its success, none of them were either Battleground Texas or OFA.  

I heard about Thursday’s scheduled committee testimonies from the ROADWomen (River Oaks Area Democratic Women) and, I’d have to go back and look, but likely the Lilith Fund and NARAL.  (I’m a monthly contributor to NARAL.)  

The only organization that I really have to go back and start getting emails from is Planned Parenthood and Brittany (don’t even remember her last name) was amazing and deserves so much credit for getting people together, keeping the peace, keeping people calm and organizing inside the capital.  

I mean… The thing is… I’m an organizer.  I do it for a living.  Mostly political, but at times union-based and mostly, if you want to get technical, I’m a political organizer for unions.  Unions, plural.  Meaning I do it for multiple unions at the same time, and I know how difficult it is to get people on the same page, and with how hot tempers were on Tuesday, to keep them calm and getting all the information they needed.   NARAL and Planned Parenthood did an exceptional job, and I can be a harsh critic on things like this.  They did an exceptional job.  

So, when I see people taking credit for it… especially when it seems to be two distinct organizations that kind of share in the same organizational structure, and it was a group that I once thought highly of, I am completely disappointed.  

NARAL and Planned Parenthood began this fight during the regular session, they continued it on in the special session and they were instrumental to what this has turned into.  Their respective state organizations deserve a ton of credit and I’m hoping that more people understand that than seem to, right now.  

May 28th, 2012

Tuesday, May 29th

Tomorrow is a day of jubilee for a girl like me.  First off, it’s President Kennedy’s birthday.

Secondly, it is (FINALLY) Primary Day in Texas.  A day or so ago, I got an insulting email in my inbox, on behalf of Hector Nieto, who is in charge of Texas operations for the Obama / Biden campaign.  The President doesn’t have to worry about his name being at the top of the ballot, despite having three primary challengers.  (Who are these people?)  And yet, instead of encouraging people on GOTV efforts that are actually necessary and mandatory for change in Texas, the Obama campaign has largely decided that their volunteers should take time away from local races to phone bank on behalf of the President.  

Now, I love me some President Barack Obama.  I have his U.S. Senate Bumper Sticker (it actually needs to be framed…)  I was dedicated from 2006 and told my parents in 2007 that it would be Obama, every time I saw them, despite my father telling me it wouldn’t.  However, I have a bone to pick with OFA and the DNC.  They keep sucking the money out of Texas.  (Actually, they keep sucking the money out of many states, including Wisconsin, where they’ve recently rescinded that disastrous decision.)  According to the POTUS, his campaign, and the DNC, the best thing he can do to get other Democrats elected is to get himself elected.  

What a load of hogwash!

There are areas of Texas that could be extremely competitive this year, because of how far the Republican party has gone, because of Rick Perry’s decisions regarding Planned Parenthood and the Women’s Health Program.  But, instead of helping us out, they choose to drain our donors of all possible money.  We are the bank of Texas, where no deposits are made, but withdrawals are plentiful.  

I’d like the President to ask his party and his supporters to help him not only get reelected in 2012, but to actually be able to accomplish EVERYTHING he wants to do.  Give him a Congress that will work with him, because if he doesn’t and we don’t, we’re going to see the last two years repeated ad nauseum for four more years.  

So, that’s my little rant on that… 

Anyhow, tomorrow I’m out of the house no later than 6:15ish… in the morning… (Good Lord) Apparently, that’s allowed.  Who knew?  And then, hopefully partying into the evening… Polls are open all across Texas from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and we won’t get Early Vote numbers, until 7 p.m.  Sometime around 2 p.m. tomorrow (probably noon) I’ll be getting antsy… and nervous… and wondering what more we could have done.  I will need my bottle of Pepto Bismal starting around then, and I will be refreshing the Harris County Clerk’s election website every two or three seconds, until early vote comes in… Turn out has been abysmal… so, if you know someone in this great state, ask them to vote tomorrow?   If they live in Culberson’s district, ask them to consider voting in the Democratic primary, for James Cargas?   (Don’t make me give you the sad eyes!!!)

I’m currently in getting ready mode, by watching Season Two of the West Wing.  Ask me why I’m working for the candidate I am, I’ll refer you to Episode Two of that season,  about 8 and a half minutes in: where Josh taps on the glass while Sam is conducting a meeting.  That face?  That face of just knowing you have “the” candidate?  Yeah… they don’t come along often… “the” candidates… and when you see them?  That Joshua Lyman face is exactly what you have, if you’re a girl like me… 

Made with Paper

This is what I am doing while resolutions are being read.  I am currently being held captive by the “legalization for marijuana” brigade and their opposing factions.  Send a care package to me care so Senate District 7. Quickly. Coffee would be greatly appreciated.
April 21st, 2012

Made with Paper

This is what I am doing while resolutions are being read. I am currently being held captive by the “legalization for marijuana” brigade and their opposing factions. Send a care package to me care so Senate District 7. Quickly. Coffee would be greatly appreciated.