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June 11th, 2012

The Best Thing I Saw All Day Yesterday

As I’ve written previously, I’m pro-Cargas for Congress, and yes, I’m working on behalf of the campaign in a professional aspect.  I thought we could differentiate between this being my opinion of what I saw transpiring in the campaign versus the actual news releases, but a flying monkey still persists in implying that his blog is an actual credible source of news, in which he has subjected himself to the same rigorous examination of his “sources” as the mainstream news with none of those pesky regulatory monitors and that mine is, well… not.  

That same flying monkey likes to put words into people’s mouths.  He and the candidate he is working on behalf of, object to anyone from the Cargas campaign referring to him as the “communications director” of the campaign, simply because he’s not being paid.  So, from now on, I will be referring to him as Lissa Squiers’s (unpaid) Communication Director, because if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, common sense reaches that it must be a duck.  In this instance, the quacking stems from the fact that the same language and phrases that Lissa uses often originate in his blog and vice versa.   I believe Citizens United refers to that, as collaboration, but since Ms. Squiers feels reporting her donations to the FEC is above her, as well, I’m sure the word collaboration is just as foreign.  

Over the last few months, that flying monkey has decided to imply that James Cargas is not a Democrat.  Lissa has also followed suit.  In fact, she questioned why a candidate needed to be a delegate (by replying to this blog) to the state convention and told me that I was “indicating” that to be a good candidate, one must have participated in the process before, mostly by aiding other candidates.  That is, in fact, true.  There is, after all, this mantra of practicing making perfect.  If you haven’t been on a campaign, you don’t know what all it takes.  Engaging in whisper campaigns in both one-on-one conversations and using a blog are both charming aspects of what you think a campaign is and does, but it’s obvious from comments made by the blogger that he thinks that working on campaigns  as paid staff are a gateway to great wealth.  With that comment, it’s almost embarrassing how obvious it is that he’s never been a paid staffer on one.  (That was one of the many things we got a great kick out of yesterday.)   That’s okay, I’m sure there’s a lot of integrity to be had in being a “sales” man.  

However, for those of you that don’t know, the Cargas campaign (finally) answered these month long allegations in a press release, which provided unbiased proof of the two candidates’s voting records, as shown below: 

Once again, Lissa proves that she feels she’s above all the regular work that goes into a campaign, but it goes even further than that.  She doesn’t believe in participating in the process unless there’s something in it for her.  Rather than participating in her obligatory civil duties or participating in the process of the Texas Democratic Party’s State Convention, she’d rather go to the parties and engage in rhetoric while cornering people on elevators (not to mention blindsiding them).   With what’s hiding in her past, that behaviour doesn’t really shock me.  

But, even better than the press release, was Carl Whitmarsh’s* own comment from his email list: 

I couldn’t have said it better, Carl.  

Coincidentally, this was the worst thing I saw all day yesterday.  There’s nothing like a poor winner to spoil the fun.  Normally I love Juanita Jean, but this has tainted her blog.  She should apologize to the Van Os’s for the cheap shot.  There’s winning and then, winning with honour and dignity.  Considering what happened at the convention, you could afford a little humility to those that did lose.  I am not a fan of what went down, as far as the elections are concerned, and I know quite a few people who aren’t, either.  But to rub our noses in the process of what happened by making fun of those that decided to offer the people of Texas a choice at the Democratic State Convention, to participate in an election the way things should be run, is outrageous.  If this is an indication of how the next two years are going to go, you’re going to lose a lot of people in the party, and frankly, that’s something we can’t afford.  

*Edit - The attribution to Carl Whitmarsh that appears in this blog was made in complete error by yours truly.   His list is still a kickass list to belong to and he still works hard at it.  The error was an innocent mistake on my part.