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March 2nd, 2012

Me: LEXI!  Let’s take a photo for smile Friay!

Lexi: What.the.hell?  Good grief woman, you’re eyes are puffy and look off because we just woke up from a nap, I’m naked, and geez, do you always have to show your boobs?  No.  Just. No.  

Me:  Can’t we just take a nice photo… just one?  Just for Smile Friday? 

Lexi: Okay, you smile for that evil thing that flashes bright lights at me, while I point out your boobs, okay, Mom?  Does that make you happy…?  Can we go now? 

Me; How about if I scratch your bum, while I hold you?  Would that make you happy? 

Lexi: Oh, God, YES! Right THERE!  That’s the spot… don’t stop.. don’t stop… Yes! YES! 

Me: ….

Lexi: Well, you said “smile Friday”… 

Me: …..

Lexi: No more photos? 

Me: I give up.  

(Inspired by: wellthatsjustgreat and wellthatsjustducky)