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January 16th, 2013

The candidate daughter set up story, in GIF form


Once upon a time in a campaign office far far away, there was a candidate’s daughter who was basically this person. 


Every time she came into the office she would plant herself in meetings and make everyone feel like this,


Because she was about this useful in meetings,


And when we tried to put her on with Field to make her useful, she would distract everyone else by talking about nothing but useless stuff like yard signs or,


But then one magical day over the summer, her facebook relationship status changed to “In a Relationship” and she disappeared from the office for two glorious months. 

But all was not well in Campaign World, right at the beginning of October, that relationship status changed back to “Single” and a chill came over the office, she would be coming back. 


With the threat of GOTV looming, something had to be done.


I went and talked to a good looking field staffer on a campaign working out of a different city (who was moving back to his homestate out east after our campaign was over) and told him he could owe me a huge favor if he took one for the team and went out with the girl for a month.

It was perfect since he was field and wouldn’t have a lot of time anyway, but she would be distracted enough to leave everyone alone and obsess about him at home. 

 After it worked and my co-workers found out what I did they couldn’t decide between thinking I was evil, or brilliant, but we won so, 


And that’s the story.  ________________________________________________________________________________

Wow, okay. Part of me feels like this story was sexist but not as much as I think it’s brilliant…and the presentation was unquestionably brilliant. Followers, weigh in!

Best part: After it worked and my co-workers found out what I did they couldn’t decide between thinking I was evil, or brilliant, but we won so

I don’t think “sexist”, I think dealing with an unfortunate reality.    Those of us that follow this blog understand the time constraints and we’ve all had a volunteer or two (or maybe even paid staff) that was there as a “distraction” or to meet “new people” or “hook up”.  There’s no real time to sit down and have the uncomfortable discussion about her place in the campaign or what she really wanted to get out of it and even having done so could have blown the situation way out of proportion by the candidate, because when it comes to family, it’s just a far more uncomfortable situation all around.    We can’t blame the staffer who orchestrated these events for how the girl acts - that’s her choice.  

So, in the end, the orchestrator of this “charade” got what he/she wanted: she got out of their hair, it didn’t happen in anyway to take away from the campaign or cause further disruption, and the candidate won.   Do I think the girl suffered as a result?  Probably not.  She wants someone to give her attention, and if she was getting that from a willing participant, that’s all she honestly (seemingly) cares about.  

Is this evil?  A little bit.  The field staffer’s interest in the daughter was, as far as we know, self serving and a little deceitful, but men and women have done far worse to each other and for far more nefarious reasons.  

So, now I’m on the other side - it’s completely brilliant.