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December 30th, 2013

Music: My Top 13 of 2013

I have two loves in this life.  One is politics, the other is music.  Below are my top 13 songs of 2013 from albums released in 2013. 

In no particular order: 

Dust to Dust | The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars put out an outstanding album this past year.  Too bad it couldn’t be promoted, due to differences between the two.  I hope they resolve them.  

Surround You | Echosmith

A young group… kind of hoping they take off a bit.  Love this song.  

Do What U Want (featuring R. Kelly) | Lady Gaga

I love a good double entendre, just because it gives me a chance to use the phrase, “double entendre” and to say it in my head with a French accent.  I remember hearing the first snippets of this song and wanting more.  Love it.  

Pink Rabbits | The National

Caught The National at ACL and it was an unforgettable experience.  Been a fan of the group for years, but was my first time seeing them live.  I’m an even bigger fan now. 

Made to Love | John Legend 

John Legend released an excellent album this year, that I have almost heard nothing about.  Why is that the case.  I miss good R & B releases but I miss promotion for good R & B releases even more.   Or maybe I’m just not paying attention to the right circles.  Whatever, great album… should be heard by more people.   Crazy, sexy video for this song, too.. 

Winter | Mree

This album really stuck with me… I love this song… that one lyric: 

Lets say we trade heartbeats, whats mine is yours and yours is mine…

Haunts me.  

My Kind of Love | Emeli Sande 

Emeli Sande’s album was one of those early 2013 releases - or first half, if memory serves.  I hope it got a lot of recognition in the U.K.  She’s a tremendous talent.  I hope she takes off more here in the coming year.  

Not a Bad Thing | Justin Timberlake

2013 will forever be the few months from when I found out that my first ever real life childhood friend, as in I can’t remember life without her, told me she had a mass before she had her biopsy and when I was floored when it was lymphoma and kept repeating the phrase, “Jackie Kennedy died from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma” the night she told me it was Non-Hodgkins.  

One of the best nights of the year was watching that friend experience Justin Timberlake from VIP.  Only second to hearing on the 23rd that she’s in remission, despite having to complete two more cycles of chemo and then, finally radiation.  This is one of her favourite songs.  It’s why it’s on the list, or I’d have chosen a different JT song of the two albums that were actually amazing.  So glad he’s back to music, though I don’t think he’s a horrible actor… I just think he does this stuff a lot better. 

Glory and Gore | Lorde

So, I’m in Austin when I get a text message from a cool chick and she says, “Glory and Gore” that would make an excellent Scandal fan video, right?  And I have to agree.  It would… and I’m thinking about doing it for her.  Probably won’t make it before boot camp, though.  Sorry.

But this was a better song choice over Royals.  Love that song, but people need to hear more.   

Go Slow | HAIM

There is no group that excited me more this year than HAIM.  ACL performance was amazing to see from like maybe the equivalent of 4th row?  These are three talented sisters… and I can’t see what 2014 has in store for them.  If you get the chance to catch them live, do not pass go, do not collect $200… just go.  

Flawless | Beyonce

It is so incredibly frustrating to hear female artist after female artist, the very people that can elevate a word or thought or an idea to say that they are not (almost whispering) feminists, as if it’s a dirty word - and so incredibly refreshing to hear a definition of the word in a song, unapologetically.  Coming out just before 2014 and Beyonce being from Houston, if I were running Wendy Davis’s campaign, I’d be all over asking Beyonce to release this song on September 15th and, I’m making a personal plea for that to happen.  Keep the damn feminist definition in the public consciousness, because without having the right to control our bodies, feminism is just a dream… 

Feel for Me | Foy Vance

Another artists posted this album on his Facebook page as his album was being released and I took one listen to this song and fell in love with it… It is a timeless love song that I know will hold up through years and years… and will be on my favourites list for decades.