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March 22nd, 2014

Airplanes, Ships, and the Ocean

Over 10 years have passed since JFK, Jr. crashed his airplane into the ocean just off Massachusetts’s Martha Vineyard Coastline.  I still remember how long that search was and that the only thing for days that we knew was that luggage had washed ashore.   I remember the only way it was recovered was through large efforts on the part of the U.S. Navy, whether or not those efforts were appropriate, which is honestly debatable.  (They likely were not.)

Couple that with the Titanic, which remained at the bottom of the ocean floor for over 70 years, although remaining somewhat intact.  

Have we found Amelia Earhart or her plane?   Did I miss that breaking news?

Airplanes, as they hit, depending on the velocity and speed, split apart into massive fiery parts that burn away.  Or, maybe the fuselage remained intact, but sank quickly as usually happens when large amounts of water gush into large holes.     

The United States’s Air Traffic Control is near bullet proof, and I say near, because that’s honestly as close as I come to saying anything is bullet proof.  We rely on it, but not all Air Traffic Control in all countries operate the same way. 

I’m not heartless.  I would like to know what happened, but I’m just as willing to accept that it may not be a likely possibility.  I’m also just puzzled as to why people think technology and planes wouldn’t fail, why we wouldn’t be able to spot something in an ocean that we don’t normally look at, that’s actually massive.  

Yes, if it is in our government’s capacity to help find the plane and we are welcome to do so, we should, but a point by point update on the experience is unnecessary and at a certain point, the search becomes morbid.   If we haven’t reached that point yet, we are rapidly approaching it.  

I just don’t understand why exactly this plane is garnering so much global attention (is it truly global or is our national media truly hyping a story and making it seem global, as is often the case).  

I guess I’m wondering why I keep getting CNN Breaking News Alerts each time they “think they found it”, but then again, I get Breaking News Alerts announcing Oscar winners and sports victories.  Perhaps, I should add context, as well.  

January 21st, 2014

McDonnell’s indictment comes in the midst of the General Assembly’s annual legislative session and is likely to accelerate efforts to overhaul the state’s ethics and gifts laws, long considered some of the most lax in the nation. McAuliffe and leading state lawmakers in both parties have both already said they support such changes.

The criminal prosecution also marks stunning crash for a politician who was considered for the Republican vice presidential nomination in 2012 and just a year ago was considered a credible future for president.

Former VA Governor McDonnell and Wife Charged in Gifts Scandal, Washington Post

January 20th, 2014


NLRB Files Formal Complaint Against Walmart, Internal Anti-Union Documents Also Leaked

The National Labor Relations Board filed an formal complaint yesterday against the retail behemoth Walmart, alleging that the company violated the rights of nearly 70 workers rallying over workplace conditions in 14 states.

The Los Angeles Times reports the complaint, the largest ever against Walmart, refers to charges made in November 2012 during the Black Friday actions by associates speaking out for respect on the job and for Walmart to publicly commit to provide regular hours and a living wage of $25,000 a year. The complaint alleges Walmart illegally fired and disciplined nearly 70 workers in 34 stores.

“Walmart thinks it can scare us with attacks to keep us from having a real conversation about the poverty wages we’re paid,” says Barbara Collins, a fired Walmart worker from Placerville, Calif., who is one of the workers named in the complaint. “But too much is at stake—the strength of our economy and the security of our families—to stay silent about why Walmart needs to improve jobs. Now the federal government is confirming what we already know: We have the right to speak out, and Walmart fired me and my co-workers illegally. With a new CEO taking over in a few weeks, we hope that Walmart will take a new direction in listening to associates and the country in the growing calls to improve jobs.”

Making Change at Walmart reported in a press release:

If Walmart is found liable, workers could be awarded back pay, reinstatement and the reversal of disciplinary actions through the decision; and Walmart could be required to inform and educate all employees of their legally protected rights. While historic, the complaint alone is not enough to stop Walmart from violating the law. Since the start of the year, Walmart has continued to retaliate against workers who speak out for better jobs.

In other news, the Internet group Anonymous leaked a set of Walmart PowerPoints for managers that included ways to discourage workers from joining a union and how to identify “early warning signs.”


The PowerPoints also detailed legal ways an employer could discourage workers from organizing:

“Walmart’s aggressive anti-worker campaign is real, it is ugly and unnecessary,” says Dominic Ware of Leandro, Calif. (OUR Walmart member and former associate). “Instead of spending money on these misleading and false campaigns to intimidate workers and their rights, Walmart should be focused on publicly committing to improving jobs, raising wages and making sure that workers are able to raise their concerns without fear of illegal retaliation.”

Reposted from AFL-CIO NOW

This is why the NLRB finally being back to full staff is important.