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October 24th, 2012

On Wednesday, November 23, the president-elect returned to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with his wife and daughter, and I met John F. Kennedy for the first time.
“Jack,” Mrs. Kennedy said to her husband, “this is Mr. Hill.”
He was slightly taller than me, but had a thin, somewhat lanky frame. He had clearly spent a lot of time in the sun, as his face was tanned. But the thing you noticed most were his eyes and his smile. He had captivating blue eyes, blue as the ocean, and when he looked at you, it was like he scooped you into his universe, paying attention to you and you alone in that moment. He immediately reached out his hand and gave me a firm, vigorous handshake.

— Clint Hill, in Mrs. Kennedy and Me (via thekennedydynasty)

(via thekennedydynasty)