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Thinking about just making this the press release for tomorrow… I mean just this.  It speaks volumes… 
Too bad I’m in Houston - income disparity the highest in the nation and all… 
August 10th, 2012

Thinking about just making this the press release for tomorrow… I mean just this.  It speaks volumes… 

Too bad I’m in Houston - income disparity the highest in the nation and all… 

July 11th, 2012

If they want more stuff from the government tell them to go vote for the other guy- more free stuff

Romney on booing during his speech to the NAACP today. -  (via brooklynmutt)

Free stuff! Oh goody. I wasn’t aware that was part of the package when you vote for Barack Obama but now I’m extra excited about November.

Now is it like my credit card? Do I rack up bonus points for voting early and often? I’m just trying to nail down the logistics of this deal, Mittens.

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But… but… but…. he would “be better for African Americans as President than President Barack Obama” because he clearly understands the needs of all the other classes other than the top 1%… 


(via apsies)

April 20th, 2012

So, He Ate “X”, Where “X” Is Something Shocking

All around this globe, there are many, many different cultures that indulge in eating a variety of many different things.  Insects, to my mind would be gross to consume, as would that reptile thing that slithers around on the ground and of which I’m deathly afraid of, because I was nearly eaten by one as a small child.  (Not even kidding - five or six children to choose from, I was the only viable eating option… I was also the smallest, so probably less likely to put up a fight, I don’t know… I just hate them.)

Anyhow, the rate at which the Republican machine is seeking to spin the Seamus story would be comical, if it wasn’t so tragically ridiculous and obvious.   The headline practically screams for SPCA intervention across all political spectrums: “Romney cruelly held a dog captive, on top of the car, and scared it so badly that it defecated all over itself.”  ”Oh, yeah, well Obama ATE dog.  He even admitted it.” 

Any wonder why D.C. is referred to as American’s Kindergarten?  Or should be?  

And here’s where I say to the Romney campaign and the GOP spin machine: “So what.” 

It’s not like Obama’s step-father skinned and roasted the family canine for funsies.  I’m sure dog meat was available at the local market, and I’m sure that dogs were an overpopulated species and readily available.  Unfortunately, we do live in a circle of life and we eat other animals.  Anyone condemning Obama for eating dog, has to put down their hamburger, chicken wing (or McNugget), stop picking at the sushi with the chopsticks, or consuming whatever meat you feel is acceptable.  Lots of other cultures don’t like meat from pigs or cows and think that what we consume as Americans is equally as disgusting as we view the consumption of dogs.  (They apparently have never tried bacon.) C’mon, America, we gave the world FRIED butter, and you’re worried about dogs?  Seriously?

But, here’s the difference in this eruption of “dog-gate”: Obama wasn’t cruel to the family dog.  I doubt he’s fattening up Bo, just to host a family BBQ on the last day of this Presidential gig.  In fact, Michelle Obama has referred to Bo as her son.  The Romney family, pretty much had a show dog - a status symbol - an Irish Setter that they cared so little about, they didn’t even want him in a car on a family vacation.  It’s cruel and heartless to take an animal under your wing, to give it the hope of nurture and kindness, and then place it in a circumstance in which that animal is literally scared shitless.  

Do I mind Obama ate dog as a child?  No.  He lived in a foreign country and observed the cultures of that country.  It’s the birthplace of his understanding of diplomacy and foreign cultures.  It’s in that understanding, where we turned from a nation that most others hated, because we said, “You’re either with us or against us”, to one that listened, again, and was welcomed at the proverbial table.  So some of them eat dog, we eat fried butter, y’all.   Strictly speaking on diplomatic terms, I don’t want either in my mouth.