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March 20th, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: The Wizard of Oz Twister

Growing up, I was enamored with the Wizard of Oz.  I watched it almost every day.  I often skipped around the house, singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” as the munchkins were in high volume on the television in the den.   My long time friend (30+ years), Sherryl can recount how much I love the Wizard of Oz - so much so that even to this day anything from the movie reminds her of me.  

When I was little, because I loved the movie so much, I wanted to be in a tornado.  I thought it would be fun, because, well… you got to go to Oz, of course.  Munchkins and yellow brick roads and good witches - oh my!  Who wouldn’t want to experience that?  I thought the only way to get to Oz was by tornado and I wanted to go so badly that every time there were funnel clouds in the sky or my parents said it looked like tornado weather, I actually got excited.  

For anyone getting angry with me: I was only a child.  I didn’t understand the full ramifications of tornadoes.  I thought the most damage one could do was knock you out for a few hours.  You’ll also have to note that I lived through Hurricane Alicia fairly early on in my life, and all that was, was a big pain in the ass: no electricity, board games, staying inside, and sleeping in my sister’s room.  I didn’t understand that I was sleeping in her room, so that my parents only had to go to one room to get both of us, in the event of wind damage, high water, or a tornado.  I thought, at least a tornado would be over much more quickly.  I was, if nothing else, practical about time. 

Then, today (I am writing this late Monday), I was talking to my sister, because the girl’s birthday is today…. but when I called the girl, she was out with her dad.  My sister told me about the storms that are quickly approaching my area: 

The storms have already caused tornadoes to touch down just outside of San Antonio and in Oklahoma, as well as produced hail in Dallas, causing flight delays. 

For the first time, in my life, I’m actually afraid of the wrath of a “twister”, which is ironic, considering I wasn’t afraid of itty-bitty, teeny-tiny Hurricane Ike, while I was living in an apartment alone.  Oh.. with a cat.  

Maybe it was living through that storm, on my own, and seeing the destruction that occurred both right next door and down the street that has me on edge.  I mean, if I was a little girl, I’d think, well… I finally have a “Toto” cast, albeit, she’d need some hair colour to be completely perfect, but she’s much better suited than Ralph, just due to her size.  (Ralph had the colouring.)

I have to be honest, though, because I have a freaky sixth sense about me that those that are close to me have seen in action.  All day today, I’ve been fighting a migraine, that hurts so bad, I can hardly function.  I’m nauseous, and all I want to do is pray to the porcelain Gods, only, I have a cast iron stomach.  I can remember each and every time I’ve done so, which has only been three times in the past twenty years, and one was just because I consumed too much salt in my water, when I was feeling dizzy.  (In other words, I overcorrected for my more common ailment: fainting.)  Yes, call me a southern belle, but I am more likely to faint than I am to throw up, because I’ve done it more often in the last twenty years (a minimum of five…).

My freaky sixth sense, my migraine, and the way I’m feeling are all warning me.  And, I hope this feeling goes away with sleep and getting away from the glow of the laptop, but all I can think about is how dumb I was to wish a tornado would sweep me up and carry me to Oz when I was little.  Even if Lexi/Toto could join me… surely by now, the munchkins and government employees controlled by Oz have found out that while poppies can put you to sleep, they can also be worth a lot of money on the black… errrr.. green? market? And minus a Wicked Witch and a cunning Wizard, who is there to really keep everyone in line and in fear?  Glinda?  The Tin Man?  Scarecrow? 

…and should we really trust those that are left?