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October 3rd, 2012


September 26, 1960 — Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon stand before an audience of 70 million Americans—two-thirds of the nation’s adult population—in the first nationally televised Presidential debate. This first of four debates held before the end of October gave a vast national audience the opportunity to see and compare the two candidates, and ushered in a new age of Presidential politics.


March 8th, 2012


Apple’s new iPad

Will you upgrade from iPad 2? If you’re not currently an iPad owner, will you get this new model?

Reblog or reply and let me know.

Tumblr’s being a brat about me replying, for some reason, so here is my response: 

I would be interested in the 3, after a few months of its debut.  However, I have a 1 (or should it be called “an original”?) and if I don’t upgrade until the 4 w/ the limited updates of the 3, I’m not going to cry my eyes out on my pillow.   If you knew me that would be a laughable comment.